Every candidate is fully qualified & 'fit-for-purpose'

100% of all ColdStaff temps are pre-qualified through a rigorous fit-for-purpose physical assessment in addition to a drug and alcohol test undertaken by our own qualified nursing staff.

This process not only provides you with peace-of-mind that you are hiring the best qualified ‘fit-for-purpose’ temps, but also mitigates against levels of workplace accidents, absenteeism and theft.

This pre-qualification also reduces your ongoing training costs associated with new temps resulting in higher levels of retention and productivity.

Our strong focus on safety and compliance also applies to our temps already working on your site.

Every placed staffing temp is further supported by our regular, ongoing safety audits. So in addition to our unique 100% fit-for-purpose, on-boarding and induction process you can be totally confident when hiring ColdStaff temps.

Cold Chain Labor Hire Specialists

With our strong cold chain roots, Coldstaff offers clients their depth of category understanding and industry ‘know-how’ throughout the USA.

Our labor hire specialists will hit-the-ground running faster due to their category and job specific knowledge and experience.

This experience and expertise for providing reliable labor hire recruitment solutions spans the cold chain, and is inclusive of:





Our labor hire specialists knowledge ensures only the right candidates are presented for your jobs, first time, every time.

As supporters of the cold chain industry associations we are at the forefront of industry change, evolution and disruption.

So as the cold chain industry and your business adapts and changes to new technology and disruption…so too does Coldstaff.