Safety Leadership

Along with our commitment to improve our customers’ performance through innovative and service oriented workforce solutions, we maintain a dual responsibility to our Workers and our clients to ensure access to healthy and safe working environments.

Our company culture exemplifies the value we place on safety and the extent to which we want our people to take on personal responsibility for safety in the workplace.

Our leadership team play a vital role in safety and promoting a strong safety culture in not only our own organisation but those of our clients and business partners. When workers see a demonstrated importance being placed on working safely, they are more likely to be motivated to follow set safety procedures and raise safety issues, thus often resulting in more productive and efficient working environments.

Aside from the obvious desire to ensure staff return home safely each day, a positive safety culture can help businesses avoid costly incidents and injuries, minimise productivity disruptions and ultimately reduce overheads.

We demonstrate our safety leadership via:

  • Management Commitment
  • Responsibility and Accountability
  • Communication and Consultation
  • Resources and capability
  • Worker involvement
  • Safety Leadership at all levels of the organisation
  • Offering and extending our safety services to clients such as site or task audits, risk assessments and toolboxes etc

Partner with us in focusing on the health of all our workers – it makes great business sense!

Physical and mental health support and initiatives are known to contribute to an improved workplace culture and business image, you can improve work performance and productivity, and reduce injury and absentee rates.

Ask us more about how to create a supportive and healthy workplace with initiatives which encourage individuals to change their behaviour.